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Buy Custom Welding Gloves At Wholesale & Retail Prices

To protect hands from burns that may occur during work, welders and workers in hot shops must wear special welding gloves. They protect the hands’ skin from sparks and hot metal drops.

Gloves are selected depending on the type of work performed. So, for manual arc welding, it is better to use gloves, and for argon-arc welding, it is better to use leather ones with a reinforced palm area and a split cuff. Welder gloves can be made in a universal or individual size.

Heat-resistant welding gloves are an essential piece of protective clothing for welders. They protect hands from scale, splashes of melting metal, and high temperatures. Gloves for welding can have different designs. Depending on cutting and tailoring, the following types are distinguished:

two-fingered – put on the thumb and the whole palm;
three-fingered – the thumb and, forefinger, the palm is separately highlighted;
five-fingered – execution, like a regular glove – this is the most convenient option for sewing leggings.

Depending on the material of manufacture, you can buy the following welding gloves:

Felt – good thermal protection, but low protection of hands from mechanical stress;
pressed leather leggings for welding – good value for money and protective properties;
pressed leather guarantees protection from various influences;
Natural leather gloves for welding – they are more expensive, but the performance parameters are an order of magnitude higher than those of pressed leather products;
ESAB gaiters – a new type of genuine leather glove reinforced with Kevlar thread; provide maximum protection against thermal and mechanical stress.
How to choose?

To buy suitable leggings, you need to consider the following:

glove material;
their execution (cut);
indicators of heat resistance and fire resistance;
wear resistance;
Ease of use;

In the ZEEV Active Wear catalog, you can buy leggings and welding gloves in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & Europe at wholesale prices from ZEEV Active Wear. Our managers will help you choose the best welding gloves in terms of performance and price category. Order online by filling out the quote form or by emailing [email protected]


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