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Buy Custom Leather Gloves

Exclusive custom-made leather branded gloves are a unique chic that can be available. We are pleased to offer you a full range of services for tailoring leather gloves to order.

In addition, we have the most extensive range of ready-made & custom-made designer stylish leather gloves from in the USA, Canada & UK.

We offer only high-quality gloves from different types of leather and suede, lined with silk, wool, fur, or without lining. From ZEEV Active Wear, you can buy custom leather gloves at wholesale prices in any style. But if you can’t find the gloves you need, use the service of individual tailoring of exclusive gloves to order.

The service of tailoring gloves to order will interest people who strive for the individuality of their image and appreciate the high quality of life. Individual tailoring of exclusive gloves saves a lot of time, allowing you to do valuable things instead of exhausting and not consistently productive shopping. In addition, if you use the service of individual tailoring of leather gloves to order, there will be no problem with lack of size; exclusive gloves will fit perfectly on your hand.

High Level of Services

When ordering tailoring custom leather gloves to order, in the USA, you can be sure of a high level of service. You can discuss all the nuances of future gloves and express your wishes.

Before ordering an individual & wholesale tailoring of leather gloves, decide in what style you would like to see this accessory – whether it will be a pair of classic gloves, whether it will be original gloves with a folklore motif, glamorous long gloves, or trendy short gloves in the style of an automobile, and so on.

Talk to us about Functionality.

It is also essential to consider the Functionality of leather gloves – whether they will be winter or demi-season gloves, whether they will be every day, or if you need luxurious evening gloves.

After you determine your wishes regarding the style and Functionality of the gloves, experienced consultants & designers from our team will prepare the design of gloves, as well as talk about the latest fashion trends, essential styles, features of materials – leather, suede, lining materials, types of leather, will help you choose accessories. We offer only high-quality materials: genuine leather and suede, silk and woolen linings, natural furs, and exquisite accessories.


We offer a large selection of leather and suede to realize your idea. You can choose the necessary material from light husky, durable deerskin, wild baker skin, python skin, crocodile skin, shark skin and other traditional and exotic skins, high-quality suede, seal fur, and other furs.

Materials for individual tailoring of exclusive gloves, presented in a rich color palette:

Classic black, beige, white, brown, trendy lilac, and purple shades
Trendy patent leather shades
Reptile patent leather
Metallic shades
Neutral and acid shades of your choice
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The excellent quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the tailors guarantees the quality of the gloves made to order from ZEEV Active Wear, and the large selection of materials presents unlimited possibilities for realizing your design potential. A thoughtful, exciting design will be the highlight of your image. Plus, Free design & shipping in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & other European countries.


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