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Driving Gloves: A Peculiar Mixture of Beauty and Comfort

Driving gloves were a nostalgic reminder of the past when driving was an adventurous journey, and drivers needed special gear to endure rough conditions. In those days, the elements were challenging, and drivers often had to make roadside repairs. Our glove became a practical choice for riders to protect their hands and reduce fatigue during long drives.

Ryan Gosling might inspire you in the movie “Drive.” We feel proud of selling those items in the real world.

However, they remain an attractive accessory for those who admire the stylish image of drivers.

Our Driving Gloves – The Protection For Your Palms

Our driving gloves, an exclusive genre of handwear, are carefully crafted for the discerning driver and embrace unique attributes that bestow unparalleled comfort and safety during motoring exploits. These gloves are fashioned from an array of exquisite materials, ranging from supple leather and velvety suede to cutting-edge synthetic fabrics in various colors, styles, and sizes.

Intricacies Of Driving Gloves

The hallmark of our manufactured driving gloves lies in their grip-enhancing prowess, achieved through the strategic placement of diminutive rubber or silicone dots upon the palms and fingers. This tactile augmentation assumes paramount importance for drivers commanding high-performance vehicles or piloting race cars, wherein a firm and unwavering grip on the steering wheel is of the essence for attaining optimal control.

Beyond grip, we thoughtfully design gloves for men to embrace a form-fitting configuration, enabling the driver to forge an intimate connection with the road. This all-in-one integration between driver and machine amplifies the driving experience, elevating performance and safety to unprecedented levels. Moreover, our custom driving gloves are a bastion against hand fatigue and strain, offering respite during protracted journeys.

Not mere utilitarian items, gloves also boast an undeniable flair for fashion. Their multicolour assortment encompasses classic black leather to vividly-hued renditions adorned with ornate stitching or perforations, all harmoniously uniting style and functionality.

Utility Of Driving Gloves

Versatility is the virtue of our custom-made leather driving gloves, conferring their embrace upon all who seek a journey embellished with comfort and security. While notably favored by virtuosic drivers operating high-performance machines and motorcycles, they also find ardent enthusiasts among everyday drivers yearning to elevate their grip on the wheel and alleviate hand fatigue.

The Bountiful Benefits Of Our Driving Gloves

A pantheon of advantages awaits those who choose to indulge in the realm of leather gloves. Chief among these merits is their excellent ability to augment steering wheel grip, mitigating the likelihood of untoward accidents and accentuating overall driving performance. Additionally, gloves women serve as an oasis of reprieve, alleviating hand fatigue and strain, especially during prolonged voyages.

Moreover, our gloves shield their wearer’s hands during driving from the capricious elements, ensuring warmth during the chilling winter months and safeguarding against the scorching sun’s rays in the height of summer. A fortunate consequence of donning these gloves is the preservation of the steering wheel’s longevity, as they serve as a bulwark against the erosive effects of oils and dirt from the driver’s hands.

In essence, driving fashion accessories epitomize a niche breed of handwear, custom-tailored to enrich the driving experience exponentially. Their profound tactile enhancements, fatigue-relieving attributes, weather-shielding virtues, and instrumental role in steering wheel preservation are unparalleled investments in one’s driving proficiency.

We Manufacture Different Types Of Driving Gloves 

The essence of their name finds expression in the lining of wool, cashmere, or other insulating materials, infusing these leather driving gloves with the ability to bestow warmth upon the driver’s hands during inclement weather. However, this cozy coddling comes at the cost of a slightly diminished grip, precision, and steering feel.


Stepping forth with a lighter and supple disposition, unlined best driving gloves prioritize precision and grip. The stitching adorning the glove’s exterior presents a seamless fusion of comfort and sensation.


Exuding classic and fashionable allure, these women’s leather driving gloves embrace full-length fingers, circular knuckle apertures, and a clasp at the wrist. The artful perforations woven into their fingers imbue them with ventilation and grace.

Fingerless Driving Gloves

Fingerless driving gloves boast exposed fingers and often feature mesh backings. While rendering somewhat reduced protection, they compensate with an excellent grip and immersive steering feel.

Our Custom Details Of Manufacturing Driving Gloves With Leather

The crème de la crème of driving gloves manifests in supple leather, yielding an aura of fashion and refinement. The quality of the men’s leather driving gloves corresponds proportionately with its supple nature, echoing the princely investment it commands. Alternatively, contemporary iterations may incorporate cutting-edge Neoprene and various other avant-garde materials.


When traversing the dual contradictions of lined versus unlined and full-fingered versus finger-less, thoughtful deliberation regarding the intended driving context and prevailing weather conditions is indispensable. Notably, these designs of driving gloves epitomize dress elegance, wherein aesthetics harmoniously unite with functionality.


The zenith of custom-made driving glove perfection commences with a snug and tailored fit, inevitably granting freedom for the leather to expand with repeated usage. These gloves are typically sized according to hand dimensions, measured by encompassing the palm while excluding the thumb.

Touchscreen Compatibility

In the era of modern vehicles with touchscreens engendering strong vehicle functionalities. We solve the problem with touchscreen-compatible gloves for driving. These are unveiling themselves as an indispensable accessory. The liberty to navigate without the encumbrance of glove removal resonates as an irreplaceable convenience.

Shipping Logistics:

Europe and USA: Abandon your worries. We offer delivery within 2-5 business days, blessedly free of charge.

The Rest of the World: An endeavor of a truly global nature. Our global delivery extends its warm hand to distant shores, gracing them in 5-10 business days, though requiring a modest contribution.

The Sanctum of Processing: Our order processing activity is from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 to 18:00. Yet, amidst this time, those orders on Saturday and Sunday must wait till Monday.

Leather Driving Gloves At Zeevactivewear

At ZeevActiveWear, we offer the highest quality leather gloves crafted by expert hands. Our gloves are made with precision and care. This luxurious product is made to last for years.

We are different from the industry since our gloves come in various styles. These gloves come from warm and fine linings to cashmere, wool, and silk. They are best for the stylish women out there and great to help them drive.

All our products offer the highest quality material that provides many benefits to drivers, such as enhanced grip and improved comfort.

Explore our collection of leather driving gloves and find them in any color or style to match your special outfits.


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